Find Some Good Eats At These Four East Lansing MI Restaurants

Prepare to embark upon a journey to some of the best restaurants in East Lansing. You can only visit one at a time, and the others will have to wait for you to digest some food. In all seriousness, this is going to be fun. If you are looking for a place to dine out in East Lansing, then you are in for a treat with these four picks.

It’s pizza time, and Pizza House is the #1 place to get a pizza pie in East Lansing. You will find this restaurant at 4790 South Hagadorn Road, and there is both Chicago style pizza and thin crust NY style pizza available. That’s a nice mix, and you can also order up calzones, wings, sandwiches and salads, too. By the way, according to reviews, there are actually six pizza styles available.

The Black Cat Bistro has quite the mysterious name. Located at 115 Albert Avenue in East Lansing, The Black Cat Bistro is known for serving up goat cheese fritters, mahi mahi, burgers, french toast and more. This dining establishment also serves up a giant cinnamon roll according to reviews. Have you ever tried a pear and brie omelet? That is an interesting grouping for sure.

Beggar’s Banquet is also quite the interesting place. What a unique name, and the address for this restaurant is 218 Abbot Road. Order up a london broil, burger, chili, chicken piccata and more. It’s a great restaurant to pair with catching a performance at the Wharton Center if you happen to be in that area for the evening. I just noticed that there is a breakfast burger on the menu, too, and I found that to be quite interesting.

Coral Gables is the name of a city in Florida, and it is also the name of a restaurant in East Lansing. Coral Gables is located at 2838 East Grand River Avenue, and some menu items include grilled chopped sirloin, fried lake perch and a chicken cherry salad. That sounds lovely, don’t you think?

Enjoy some time out in East Lansing with your family finding a good place to eat. Hopefully these picks provide some great direction so that you know where you would like to go. If not, check out the other top restaurant picks for the city of East Lansing. I’m bringing four more your way in just a minute, so stay tuned for good eats.